The Liar

by Rob, Lately

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Written by Rob, Lately
Recorded and mixed by Kyle Graham summer 2013 at Fresh Produce Studios
Mastered by Mark Trewella at Full Circle Mastering


released October 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Rob, Lately Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Reformed punker starts indie rock band. Collects players with serious chops. The rest is probable obscurity.

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Track Name: Need it Bad
I've been thinking about how
How can I sell this one?
Would you believe me if I told you
This is the only time I have fun
20 minutes under fire and lights
And I forget my skin
Have I been around so long
That all I feel is the sin?

Need it bad
Need the rise and fall
Need the radio to play the song

I need it bad there's nothing better
I need it bad I'll take whatever
Track Name: Powdered Wig
You got me feeling on the other side again
Of and electronic window, just looking in
You put on your makeup with a vindictive grin
With you, I can never win

You got me feeling like I burned every bridge there ever was
And everybody, everywhere is just falling right into the ocean
You got me feeling like I'm burning the matchbook at both ends
And every smoke I ever lit was ever meant to offend and now

Drink in your hand and the ice is wearing thin
The powdered wig you wear is askew again
And that diamond ring is chipped and dim
Your head is thick with sin
Track Name: Hands
Waiting alone and the drone
Of the crowd has left me cold
At the end of the night

Leave me I just need to go to sleep
I can't stand the cold this life demands

Don't know how much
Longer I can pretend
No friends in the end
Seems to me
These hands can't leave me be
They need me to drive
Track Name: The Liar
Bought me "Lonely Avenue"
Like a purring kitten would do
Caught up completely in the front porch sway
And I could keep it up all day

My brother has a heart of gold
Hasn't told a lie since he was 8 years old
And I try and I try to be more like him
But end up like me in the end

Ask me how I'm feeling
I'd answer but I'm dreaming

Tommy was an atheist
Murdered all the things that don't exist
Tied a rope around the angels and pulled them to the ground
And marveled at the perfect sound
Track Name: Cassel Bar
There's a derelict bar at the end of my row
Where they always keep the lantern light low
Faces are framed in the telling glow
They did wrong

The girl with the glitter is making eyes
With a glass in his hand he is paralyzed
A couple more rounds and he'll make his try
He did wrong

There's a fella in the corner, just watching them dance
With a curl of his lip and his hands in his pants
Dreams of a lover, never got the chance
Did him wrong

Stuck on a stool in the Cassel bar
Drinking with strangers as we stare at the stars
One more glass, I think I'd gone too far
I did wrong

Here with the folks who reek of their work
Between a dancer and a pervert with a stain on his shirt
Carrying the secrets we'll take to the dirt
We did wrong